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" Chihuahuas R Us NC "

In service to provide a Great new addition to your Family

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In Memory of My Daddy's Chihuahuas
In service to provide a Great new addition to your Family
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I am in business to help bring happiness to all.

Need Some Help Momma!!

Chihuahua Services

  • Will provide you with a health puppy
  • Will help to find you any puppy you may be looking for ( other than Chihuahuas)
  • Will inform you of the proper care of your puppy.
  • Contract, Health Papers, Registration Papers, and Vaccination information included.

    Simmons Kennels Dog Contract Home (336) 431-6623 4700 Alford Street Cell (336) 289-3152 Trinity, NC 27370 Email Address: Date of Sale:______________________ Buyers Name:_________________________ Buyers Address:________________________________________Phone:_________________ Time:________ Price:_________ Litter# _________________ Breed:___________________ Sex:_____________ Color:______________ D.O.B.___________ Dam:____________________ Sire:_______________________ Vaccination:___________________ Wormed:_________________________________ Breeder does not assume liability for the following: PARVO,DISTEMPER,CORONA, COCCIDIA,LUXATING PATELLAS, KENNEL COUGH, or injuries made to this puppy during shipment or delivery. FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Leave whole or can food and water down for the puppy at all times. YOU: The buyer are responsible for the feeding instructions! BE SURE YOUR PUPPY EATS otherwise, the puppy could experience a drop in its sugar and get sick or die. NO Refund or Exchange Given on Tee-Cups. I will not be responsible for ANY Vet bills that you may incur because you did not follow these instructions. Breeder does not guarantee: Size, Weight, Temperament, Fitness for Breeding. My puppies are sold as Pets and or Companions. I cannot guarantee male testicles to descend into position. You: The buyer has 48 hours from the time of pick/up or delivery to take this puppy to a licensed Veterinarian for a check up. If your Veterinarian finds that your puppy has anything wrong that is life threatening such as congenital defect ( not to include luxating patellas). Breeder will replace puppy (same sex,quality,breed) within 90 days No cash refunds will be given. The Buyer must present the Breeder with written statement from your Vet as to illness before replacement will be given. Puppy MUST NOT be put to sleep before the BREEDER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED . I may ask you to bring the puppy to me so I can get a second opinion from my vet. If the Buyer chooses not to take the puppy to the VET within the 48 hour time frame this contract becomes null and void on all counts. Registration Papers will be given at time of purchase or be sent to the Buyer within 90 days of purchasing the puppy. Breeder is not responsible for any shipping fees needed to deliver or return the puppy. The Buyer's signature below indicates that he/she has read the previous statements, agrees, and understands all conditions of this contract and guarantee. BUYER:_______________________________ SELLER:_______________________________________

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